I consider myself to be a well-rounded individual. Outside research, I enjoy working with my hands and making things that people can use or enjoy.

I have a passion for using skills I have, new skills, and available technology to make people's lives better. Here are some of the projects I've taken on in my spare time. 

Campout Electronic Check-In
My most recent project is a brand new Google Spreadsheet-based program I developed for the Duke GPSC Basketball Committee to use at Campout. Campout is an annual event organized by the Basketball Committee in which graduate and professional students "camp out" for a weekend in tents and RVs/rental trucks to earn a spot in the lottery for season 
tickets to the Graduate Student section for Duke Men's Basketball. Students have to make a series of random personal checks throughout the weekend and miss no more than one check to be eligible for the lottery. This is also the flagship event for Duke graduate and professional students, with over 2,500 students attending. Throughout the weekend there are a number of events and activities including community service at Duke and in Durham, a family-friendly Campout Carnival, quiet study time, yoga sessions, and more. With all of these activities going on, many of which have been added in the past two years, it was getting difficult to keep track of where everybody was. This made it difficult to determine who was eligible for the lottery at the end of the weekend.

I initially proposed the electronic check in system since I had implemented a similar, much smaller system for the GPSC General Assembly the previous year. However, once I started working on it, I realized that the system had to do much more than allow people to check in. To be a usable tool for the Committee, it had to incorporate absences from the main registration tent for any number of activities, and information on Community Service, Exemptions, and the Lottery from 
the respective Subcommittee chairs. Due to the number of components and number of campers, formula-driven spreadsheets weren't going to cut it. Therefore, I cracked open Google Apps Script, learned basic JavaScript, and wrote over 2,000 lines of code to do everything from open the rolling check in period at the start of Campout to print the ticket card contracts at the end. Throughout the entire project, I was driven by making the program as easy to use as possible, eliminating the need for anybody to drag/copy formulas or alter the underlying code. 

I love working with my  hands. Whether it's sewing, making costumes, needlework, or woodworking, I love spending my time taking raw materials making something that will be useful or enjoyable to others. I am quite proud of my growing collection of power tools and crafting supplies. To document my projects, I started a blog (http://www.craftzingwow.com/). Content is sparse now, but I'm hoping to have more time to contribute after graduation

I am quite the fan of physical activity. I ride my bike to commute to campus each day, and I enjoy a wide array of activities including softball, weight training, tennis, and kickball.